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Your go-to hub for impactful talent acquisition strategies, expert knowledge and value-driven insights. Whether you're an up-and-coming talent acquisition professional, or an executive aiming for operational excellence support for your company, you're in the right place!

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My name is Andreea Lungulescu

My site is the ultimate destination for businesses and individuals seeking transformative talent acquisition insights and strategies. With over 13 years of global recruitment expertise, I help you with:

For Businesses:

  • Tailored strategies to enhance talent acquisition, from redesigning recruitment processes to implementing advanced tools. Achieve operational excellence and foster inclusive, diverse work environments. Read more...

For Individuals:

  • Personalised coaching and actionable strategies for career growth. Refine your profile, ace interviews, redesign and navigate your professional journey with expert guidance. Read more...

Discover the value of expert TA strategies, analytics, and coaching. Let's design your talent acquisition success story together!

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This allows you to discover how you can revolutionise your approach to talent acquisition and career advancement. For a more comprehensive understanding of the services provided, please view them in more detail on the designated page.

1. Talent Strategy & Innovation

Elevate your talent acquisition with actionable and innovative strategies, fostering excellence in hiring and insightful development for both companies and individuals.

2. Operational Excellence & Efficiency

Attain operational excellence with refined processes and enhancements, ensuring optimal and efficient hiring outcomes for both organisations and individuals.

3. Empowerment & Career Advancement

Accelerate your talent acquisition career growth with tailored coaching and strategies, providing actionable insights and developmental excellence. Suitable for both individuals and businesses.


"Andreea and I worked together at Zalando and Wayfair for >5 years. She is an incredible Principal Talent Partner who is able to lead demanding and highly complex hiring initiatives to success. She effectively moderates group sessions (up to SVP+ executive level) to identify core problems and gets the group to commit to concrete plans to get to strong hiring cultures, plans, processes and solutions that lead to long-lasting success. She delivers effectively against these plans and achieves outstanding success. If you need a true Principal Talent Partner who created scalable talent solutions and hiring cultures while delivering against the most ambitious hiring plans, then Andreea is the right person to work with."

Sören Winter 

VP Talent @ Parity Technologies

Test my GPT - Candidate Experience 

A comprehensive guide for recruiters on enhancing candidate experiences

Candidate Experience Expert GPT

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Tech Rec conference 2022 Andreea Lungulescu
NEW Tech Rec is back in Berlin in 2023!
November 26 – 28, 2023 | Titanic Chaussee Berlin
At this year's TecRec - I will be leading a Career Design Workshop: 
"Where Do We Stand in TA’s Evolution - Are You Ready to Redesign Your Career Path?"
Contact me for a discount code.

Stay up-to-date with the latest insights, strategies and best practices by exploring my latest posts. Your next level of expertise starts here.

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